About Better Conversations

Bob & Lindsey Harper
My wife and I on our 10th anniversary!

If you’ve ever asked any of the following questions, you’re in the right place:

“Why can’t I get more appointments booked?”

“Why didn’t they buy?”

“What do I need to say to get more people interested?”

“How can I get this customer to stop beating around the bush and buy now?”

“Where do I get better leads?”

“Why won’t they return my calls?”

“Am I too lazy to be in sales?”

“Is it possible to sell without feeling sleazy?”

You may not feel like it yet, but you have an incredible power to change the world. As entrepreneurs and salespeople, you change the world every day. Your job is to solve problems, and you can solve problems in a way nobody else can. 

How it all started...

In 2012 I was young in my sales career and struggling to close sales. The computer repair sales job I had was the only position I could find that paid well enough to cover the bills for my growing family. However, it wouldn’t last long because I was failing to meet quota.

I followed the script they gave me, tried any trick, technique, or “magic” words I was told to use. But it wasn’t working. I was frustrated and depressed because I knew I was failing my wife and two-year-old son. I was failing myself.

My time at this job was coming to an end. I could feel it. On top of it all, their sales training didn’t feel natural. Sometimes it felt dishonest. 

Knowing this was one of my last days, I decided to go off-script and talk to my leads as if they were a friend instead of trying to pressure them to buy. My supervisor would be upset with me, but what did it matter at this point?

I can’t remember if it was the first call or the sixth, but early in the day, I closed a deal. Then another. And another! I was perplexed and assumed I’d been lucky. However, as I continued treating my leads like real people, my success became more predictable. I quickly became one of the top reps at that company. And I felt good about what I was doing for people!

Years later, I realized the lesson I learned that day. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else to sell effectively. Successful salespeople are no more  “special” than you or me. The top salespeople have two things that set them apart: 

  1. They study and practice the science of selling
  2. They have an environment that encourages them to take massive action

Better Conversations is dedicated to helping you combine your natural communication style with sales principles to create predictable success.

I’m excited to be part of your journey to great heights!


Bob Harper, Founder of Better Conversations

Here's what other's have said about working with me:

“Bob inspired me to become a student of sales. I saw his drive to constantly perfect his sales process and as I mimicked him I noticed my conversion ratios became higher and my overall sales process improved.”
“I’ve been using a combination of a call center and our shop manager, implementing your follow up scheduled and scripts. Our closing ration nearly doubled in the past couple weeks.”

What's Next?

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